Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

Welcome to the home nest of Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot ! This is the official Pallo-Peikot fan site. The site is no more updated as the manager has lost his motivation to Hattrick.

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22nd Aug 10: Manager's motivation lost

Manager Jani-Hur has announced today that, because of private reasons, he will immediately quit most of his current tasks in Pallo-Peikot organization. This surprise announcement immediately triggered speculation of the future of the whole team. However it seems that people working closely with the management team have observed the manager's lack of motivation and several precautions have been taken.

It has been agreed that Jani-Hur will still continue to present the team in Hattrick Club Owners' Federation (COF) as the team owner. This arrangement should secure the team's eligibility to play in Hattrick. Even he won't take part to the every day tasks, manager Jani-Hur still has remarkable financial investments with Pallo-Peikot that should motivate him to keep the team in financially adequate condition. Thus the fans should not be worried about a bankrupt.

As we all remember this is not the first motivation crisis. Unfortunately the trusted sources have indicated that this time there probably won't be a come-back. The same unofficial sources have also listed the major issues that they think have affected to the manager's decision. The main issue was the frustration to the poor feedback given by the match officials about the events of the game. Second big issue being the current transfer market practices. At this point it should be also noted that the current training plan has turn out to be an economical disaster.

The team will be immediately downgraded to training organization. The team representatives have assured that the downgrading doesn't affect to the training commitments that have been made with several other managers to train their home-town players (at the moment Aki-Markus Sydänmetsä, Kalle Aarresuo, Toni Viiri and Jussi Kyttä). Pallo-Peikot is still committed to the long-term training of these players.

Jani-Hur will still host Pirkkacup statistics website. Unfortunately the latest cup results have not been received, thus they are not available on the site yet.

It was also announced that the co-operation with ACSS Finland Oy and mö has ended because they have gone bankrupt. That doesn't affect to the agreement with O'Connell's.

Jani-Hur's withdrawal has nothing to do with the major crash of Hattrick site and he has never been a supporter.

26th Mar 10: Expert system for player market

Pallo-Peikot announces today they have received the first production version of top secret player market expert system that was contracted earlier this month. Several implementations of player market analysis tools exists but the majority of the tools are not publicly available. Many implementations also rely on closed software platforms like vendor specific spreadsheet applications. The system obtained by Pallo-Peikot is a platform neutral, relies only on proven open source technologies available on all major platform (Linux and various other unices, OS X, Windows) and scales to millions of player market transactions.

The system provides 100% accurate market information for Pallo-Peikot management to support the critical business decisions. The market information includes e.g. full player profile, asking prices, deadlines and precise final bids. The system is easy to use and conforms Hattrick's brain dead and hostile third party software development rules.

Pallo-Peikot management team has already seasons ago recognized that successful market transactions are the cornerstone of the successful team building. The expert system helps one to get correct answers to all transfer market related questions, but it doesn't tell one what are the correct questions. The final straw that initiated the system's construction was Ratsia's reply to busawreck's post where he claimed "I skilltraded before the term was coined" (see the full post1).

Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot is a well known team in Pirkanmaa region. The team has played two seasons on Division IV, achieved rounds 10 and 9 on national cup and is a two times Pirkkacup and Aluemestareiden Cup (AMC) champion.

1 Login to Hattrick web site required to have access to forum postings.

9th Mar 10: Peikot hosts Pirkkacup all-time statistics

Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot proudly announces genuine Pirkkacup statistics site to promote the Pirkanmaa championship cup. Pirkkacup is the official regional cup of Pirkanmaa region in Finland run by manager xjuice.

Currently the site only covers Pirkkacup X-XV as xjuice hasn't find time yet to convert the spreadsheet based cup results to Pirkkacup XML format. The included statistics are all match results and top scorers per season and team marathon table. There is plans to extend all-time stats for individual teams (matches, wins, goal difference) and top scorers.

"We're 100% sure our investment to the site is positively acknowledged by the community of Pirkanmaa managers and fans of Pirkanmaa teams." states chairman of the FC Metsänkulma board.

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18th Dec 09: A season to remember

This season (season 40) Peikot fans had numerous reasons to toast on seasonal end of the season party at O'Connells !

First Pallo-Peikot directory promoted to Division V after two seasons on Division VI.

Second Pallo-Peikot secured their second AMC championship in-a-row by defeating another Pirkanmaa team Samurait 3-0 in AMC final in Peikot home pitch Narva Sports Field. This was the second time when Pirkanmaa region wins the cup and first time when both finalist where from Pirkanmaa. AMC history and statistics are available on Hattrick wiki.

Third Pallo-Peikot started to execute a new advantageous and thrilling training plan. The new plan was created together with former national team coach -Juge-, who mentored1 Pallo-Peikot management. One can follow the execution of the plan in Pallo-Peikot web site's training follow-up section. See also the preliminary study about the team's situation before mentoring.

Case Taika was also a subject of many intensive and heated discussion in the end of the season party as it was in Finnish Hattrick forums. Taika was manager of Finland top-1 team Kolvaan Toverit. The manager was banned a few weeks before end of the season because of manager's questionable behavior on Hattrick forums. Manager Taika strongly disagreed the decision (see his story). Kolvaan Toverit won the league even the manager was banned, but dropped out of the national cup as there was no reasonable default line-up set. Without the ban Kolvaan Toverit would have very probable won also the national cup.

1 Login to Hattrick web site required to have access to forum postings.

7th Sep 09: New sponsor

After long negotiations Pallo-Peikot is proud to announce new sponsorship agreement with ACSS Finland.

ACSS Finland is a forerunner in wireless security solutions. The company provides flexible and low cost state-of-the-art wireless solutions to remote surveillance. Private customers should take a look e.g. to MVC-100 GSM surveillance camera that is full of features but short of price.

ACSS Finland headquarters are located in the heart of beautiful Pirkanmaa region in Tampere.

Pallo-Peikot brand is well known in Pirkanmaa region, but also recognized nation-wide, because of Peikot success in regional and national cups. Pallo-Peikot is the holding Aluemestareiden Cup (AMC) champion and will host AMC final on season 40. AMC is the most acknowledged friendly cup in Finland and it is hosted by regional federations. So far two out of three Pallo-Peikot sponsors have gone bankrupt.

The agreement also includes discounts on ACSS products for Pallo-Peikot fans. Contact manager Jani-Hur by HT-mail for your special discount code.

2nd Sep 09: We're the Champions !

Last night Pallo-Peikot secured their first AMC championship by defeating Höhelit 2-1 in AMC final in Nälkämään Keidas. This is also the first time when Pirkanmaa region wins the cup.

Pallo-Peikot manager has written the summary of Peikot triumph in Hattrick forum (in Finnish, login required).

Pallo-Peikot welcomes all regional champions to Pirkanmaa on season 40. The final will be played on Peikot home stadium Narva Sports Field.

28th Aug 09: A new single from Los Jacopablos

Pallo-Peikot restroom top ten band Los Jacopablos has released new single to promote their forthcoming 4th studio album Nolla kelviniä.

14th Aug 09: Training services for home-grown teams

Earlier this week manager Jani-Hur contacted manager Gawin (of team Gawin all-star) to promote Pallo-Peikot new training service for home-grown teams.

The idea to support home grown teams raised in national forum where manager -sakke- opened general discussion about home-grown teams in Finland (Oman Kylän Pojat-projekti). Supporting non-powergaming teams is a perfect match to Peikot fair play ideology.

The service consist of 100% effective training conducted by a solid trainer with assistance of several assistant coaches. Before the training period begins a personal training plan is created for each trainee. 24/7 on-line training follow-up is available on Peikot training records.

Please contact manager Jani-Hur with HT-mail for further information. The service is only available for teams in Finland.

12th May 09: 333 competition matches and back to the starting point

After 18 seasons and 333 competition matches Pallo-Peikot relegated to division VI. This is the level were Pallo-Peikot started when they joined Hattrick League on season 21 at 2003.

"Of course we're not happy to lose the most important match of the season, but these are games of narrow margin" stated manager Jani-Hur the dramatic extra-time defeat on the qualification match that relegated Metsis to division VI. The match was also a milestone on Pallo-Peikot history as it was the team's 333th competition match (competition matches include both cup and league matches).

About us

FC Metsänkulma (or Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot as the official long Finnish name goes) is a professional football team located in Vesilahti, South Pirkanmaa Region, Finland. Currently the team plays Hattrick League in Suomi serie V.77.

Among the fans FC Metsänkulma is also known as Metsis or Pallo-Peikot (Ball-Trolls) or Peikot (Trolls). The team is managed by the most successful Vesilahti manager ever – Jani-Hur.

A day before

The opponent's previous games were carefully studied. The manager's tactics were analyzed. The master game plan was set. The line-up was decided. When everything was in place the orders were checked still one more time.

Then suddenly, there was nothing more to do. But to wait.


The silence had fallen to Narva Sports Field. The fierce match where Peikot had eliminated the opponent was over.

Jani-Hur emerged from the restrooms and made the final view over the empty pitch. Shortly after, he raised his collar and put the hands deeply in his coat's pockets and headed for O'Connells.

What a life.

The philosophy

As the manager Jani-Hur says, football is a game where 22 men run after a ball 90 minutes and FC Metsänkulma wins 1-0.

Whatever we're doing here in FC Metsänkulma we keep bright in mind that Hattrick is not a part of life, but life is a part of Hattrick.