Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

10 Feb 08: We're the Champions !

Peikot secured last night the first division V trophy ever by winning FC Kirput 2-1 and cut off NJK's winning streak. At the same Peikot also qualified directly to division IV without qualification game.

Another team records were made earlier this season when Peikot archieved 10. round in the national cup and participated first time to Aluemestareiden Cup (AMC). AMC is the most acknowledged friendly cup in Finland and it is hosted by regional federations.

"This season is the landmark in Pallo-Peikot history." stated the manager Jani-Hur in the traditional end-of-the-season party at O'Connell's.

Pallo-Peikot website no longer provides news flashes because the downsizing of Pallo-Peikot organisation now took effect. However the training and season statistics will be updated periodically.

2 Feb 08: New trainees

Pallo-Peikot has today signed new contracts with two promising Finnish goalkeepers.

Enn Oese (146802380)
21 years 57 days
Head specialist
Goalkeeping: disasterous (1)
Defending: outstanding (10)
Set Pieces: poor (3)

Ville Kautto (142916202)
20 years 77 days
Head specialist
Goalkeeping: disasterous (1)
Defending: world class (13)
Set Pieces: inadequate (5)

Pallo-Peikot long-time captain and goalkeeper and set pieces specialist Henk Pleijers has created a long term training plan for Enn and Ville. The individual progress will be followed up closely.

Previous main skill trainees were Antero Naskali (signed 15th Oct 2006) and Jesper Huvinen (signed 14th Oct 2006) who still play in the team.