Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

27 Feb: New sponsors

The names will be revealed as soon as the contracts have been signed.

18 Feb: Vesilahden Visa is now Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

Due to the financial effort required to run a team in Hattrick League the board of Vesilahden Visa has decided to spin off Hattrick team. Therefore also the name of the team changes and is, from the beginning of season 22, Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot or briefly FC Metsänkulma.

The organisational structure of Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot will be streamlined to meet the standards set by the competitors.

However the close co-operation between FC Metsänkulma and Visa continues. From now on Visa can be considered as Metsänkulma's reserve team. It has also agreed that the most promising Visa juniors have a change to join Metsänkulma's training camp.

Vesilahden Visa has a long traditions to be the number one Vesilahti all-around athletic club covering e.g. cross-country skiing, football, ice-hockey, track and field, ultimate and volleyball. In football Visa has been playing years in competitions organized by Suomen Palloliitton Tampereen piiri. Currently Visa plays in etelä-lohko, 5th division.

New name for the Hattrick team was selected for the most significant sponsor: Metsänkulma.

01 Feb: Enlargement of Narva Sports Field delayed

Enlargement of Narva Sports Field will delay because of complaints. The already agreed building plan has to be reprocessed because, according to the complaints, the impacts to the environment are not satisfactorily evaluated.

The reprocessing will take at least one season and no-one knows the result of the process. "I'm afraid this means more than one season delay to the sports field renovation. Vesilahti football has gotten a kick in the teeth." states the board member of Visa who wants to stay anonymous.

12 Dec: Vesilahden Visa joins Hattrick

Vesilahden Visa has announced today it's premier football team will join Hattrick League. Visa has gotten the slot of Mylskit team and replaces Mylskit starting from week 5 season 21 in Suomi serie VI.164.

Vesilahden Visa is all-round athletic club operating in Vesilahti region. It runs many different sports like:

There is also two other atletic clubs in Vesilahti area: Länsi-Vesilahden Urheilijat (L-VU) and Rämsöön Urheilijat (RU). L-VU operates in Narva, Krääkkiö and Palho region and RU, as the name of the club indicates, in Rämsöö region.