Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

11 Jul: Happy Holidays!

Manager Jani-Hur enjoys summer holiday and plans next season
Manager Jani-Hur enjoys summer holiday and plans next season strategy.

We were invited to Metsis Manager Jani-Hur's private summer cottage (somewhere in South-East Finland) in the beginning of his summer holiday for traditional seasonal interview. Manager Jani-Hur:

"I could start my vacation already even there is still three games left this season, because we have secured our position in the group. This is in line with our goal.

I'd like to point out our outstanding Cup run. We survived to round 7 when we hosted legendary manager Tex_Miller and his team KIVA. Naturally the other side of the coin was our modest league success.

After many quiet seasons we have started to rebuild the team. This means many dramatic changes in the roster. E.g. just yesterday we reduced the size of the team from 34 to 21. Currently we have 5 M€ in cash, so you should still expect more moves.

Many of you have already been waiting my next announcement. Finally I'm able and happy to announce that Hermanni Kupari will replace Leif Olsson as Metsis' coach. After yesterday Hermanni is the last member of the original team that signed to Hattrick on season 21."

31 May: Thriller!

The last night saw one of the most exiting and memorable game in Metsis' Hattrick history. The visitor team dominated midfield as expected and created half a dozen excellent scoring opportunities but Henk Pleyers, the man of the match, made a bunch of Top-10 saves.

Metsis had it's moments too. On 51st minute Lars LewstÄl had empty net in front of him, but he couldn't redirect Gigi Rusu's pass to the net.

The climax of the wonderful late night show was penalty contest. Full seven rounds was required before home team could nail the coffin.

For the round seven Metsis will get visitors from Finland's top division. Team KIVA currently plays in II.1 and hold position #15 in League Ranking and is thus the best team that has ever been visiting Narva Sports Field. KIVA's manager Tex_Miller is legendary national team coutch and World Cup bronze medalist.

And again the speculants say Metsis won't have changes ...