Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

15 Jan: Metsis' end-of-the-season party in O'Connell's

FC Metsänkulma's off-season party will be arranged next Saturday on O'Connell's. Be there or be square !

7 Jan: Pallo-Peikot record breaking season 24

Please note the article is written on match round 12, so the results on last two rounds were not known at the moment of writing.

Yet another superb Pallo-Peikot season will end soon with record breaking archievements in Vesilahti football.

The season's plain target was to avoid relegation, but soon it was obvious that Peikot was fighting top positions. The season started with a marvelous win from Team_Hannus and the first half's only loss was a 3-1 to Myllypuron Pauhu. The rest is Vesilahti football history.

Jyrki Heikkinen's leave initiated the reconstruction of defence line when it was obvious the training program had to be rethough. We're sure all the fans remember the sentimental moments when few old trolls left the team and headed to abroad: Stefan Klangdahl to Nottforest, Denmark; Martin Koski to kabeltattarna, Sweden and Mika Komulainen to Milk&Coffee, Italy.

It's time to look forward and introduce new defence line. From left to right:

Leo Tarkki
18 years-old passable Vesilahden Visa junior. The home town boy has already scored few winning goals.
Sauli Santala
18 years-old excellent tower of defence.
Päivö Anttalainen
The troll (like a solid rock).
Niklas Karlin
17 years-old passable Swedish defender whose long passes have launched many dangerous attacks.

It's only fair to say also some words about Pallo-Peikot dear opponents.

First things first: Myllypuron Pauhu dominated the season as expected. No other team could compete it's superior skilltraded material.

FC kissanpennut had a slow start but in the second half they have reclaimed all their promises.

STHLM Södra and Sm Flash are the season's underarchivers. The both teams' performance was very much unpredictable. Sm Flash will stabilize it's performance when the team improves but STHLM won't keep up with other teams and it will relegate to the bottom division sooner or later.

Team_Hannus is the foot soldier fighting the position in top-four.

As assumed FC kerma was the weakest team. This is true even Metsis lost the away game 2-0.

We met the manager Jani-Hur briefly in Pirkkala (Tampere) airport just before his flight to Copenhagen:

"We don't know yet the next season teams, but I guess it's fair to say already now it will be much harder. This season success is nothing next season when the league table is reset. We have to work hard to avoid relegation that is the only reasonable goal next season."

26 Nov: Pallo-Peikot logo contest

The second round of open-ended Pallo-Peikot logo contest has just started.

The works are accepted in electronic format all the time and all winning works will be presented in FC Metsänkulma web site. The winners will receive products from the FC Metsänkulma sponsors.

Below is the suggestive description what the logo could look like. Please note the description is only suggestive and the contestants are engouraged to use their artistic imagination.

The main character in the logo is big troll with big club on his shoulder. One of his feet is on top of football and he's smoking a cigar. He is wearing FC Metsänkulma team shirt where in the chest is O'Connells' logo. The troll is big and strong, and looks bad and mad.

In top-left corner you see the first winning logo by Hippy McCarthy.

16 Oct: Player contracts

As we have noticed there has been lot of activities in Metsänkulma office – Manager Jani-Hur has been scouting new outfielders. Plenty of new player contracts have been signed. This has raised speculations on changes in training program.

The only fact available is that the team record now includes the following new juniors: Jukka Isometsä (44092962), Dane Jens Paarup (41537776), Antti Määttä (41441020) and Latvian Didzis Klauss (41439327)

Rumors also tell that some old trolls are going to retire after next season. This is bad news for long-time Pallo-Peikot fans.

12 Oct: V.240 reshuffled

New season saw maximum newcomers in V.240. FCmeclu qualified and both Jortsumestarit and Funky Punky relegated after qualification match.

Brief team analysis and league table forecast:

FC benknäck (21969)
Team has no manager. Relegates.
STHLM Södra (74717)
Starts 4th season in V.240 only with 17 players. Nine of them are Finnish. Prefers classic 3-5-2 formation with a formidable attack on wings. Again one of the top teams. Metsis recorded last season two defeats 0-1, 0-3.
Team_Hannus (258845)
Uses asymmetric version of traditional 3-5-2. A quite good midfield. Team records equals to Metsis. Eight Finnish players. Metsis last season record 1-2, 5-1.
FC kissanpennut (252252)
Yet another 3-5-2. Very strong midfield and admirable defense line and attack. Among top teams of the serie. Superior in all areas when compared to Metsis. Only 5 Finnish players.
Myllypuron Pauhu (258997)
Superior material. The only winner candidate. Prefers three strikers formations. Manager very active in transfer market. Scorecard changes daily. Only three Finnish players out of 38.
Sm Flash (253728)
Again 3-5-2, but the manager is a great fan of reposition. The team will end up somewhere in the middle of serie. Five Finnish players.
FC kerma (259203)
Another 3-4-3. Weakest of teams having a manager. A French visit to 5th division.
Pos Team                     
=== ==========================
 1. Myllypuron Pauhu
 2. FC kissanpennut
 3. STHLM Södra
 4. Team_Hannus
 5. Sm Flash
 6. Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot 
 7. FC kerma
 8. FC benknäck