Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

24 Jun 07: The season is over

Manager Jani-Hur updates Metsis strategy
on Midsummer 2007 at Metsänkulma while the team was playing the
decisive away game at FC Saksala Arena in Lahti. Metsis was defeated
2–1 by Eemeli Jokinen's free kick goal.
Manager Jani-Hur updates Metsis strategy on Midsummer 2007 at Metsänkulma while the team was playing the decisive away game at FC Saksala Arena in Lahti. Metsis was defeated 2–1 by Eemeli Jokinen's free kick goal.

Technically speaking the season is not yet over, but from Metsis point-of-view there's not much stakes as the team will end to second or third position depending on the outcome of Tarsenal – FC Saksala match. Otherwise there's still a a fierce fight over the trophy (Niko's JK vs. FC Saksala) and the second relegation game position (Manuted vs. myllypuron pallokarhut).

After some tacit seasons we met FC Metsänkulma manager Jani-Hur to sum up the last seasons:

"Metsis have established a pretty good position in 5th division on this and last season. Of course both seasons have had bitter end as we almost had the trophy on our hands, but we lost it twice on the very last games.

Especially on season 32 we had superb start of the season. We eliminated both the strongest rivals FC Saksala and Niko's JK and at he midpoint we dominated the group and had all the keys in out own hands. And we got all this when focusing on cup !

In the cup we had record breaking run and unfortunately it took it's toll in the league as last four cup matches were all matches of the season. When Port Arthur Wednesday kicked us out of the cup on round nine (with a 90th minute goal) I believed we still have strong hold. However it turned out that many underdogs had improved their game and we had one too many one-goal-defeat on the second half."

24 Jun 07: Season 32 analysis

fc svi got what it deserved.

Niko's JK will most probably run for the title, but with much narrower margin that Sir Nuke expected.

Manuted and myllypuron pallokarhu got the play right on the second half of the season.

This has been a disappointment season for FC Filmarit. Filmarit will take a new try in 6th division.

After some difficulties in the early season FC Saksala secured the position in top-3 as expected. Eemeli Jokinen scored 20 goals in first 13 matches !

Tarsenal was a big positive surprise. Manager timosu demonstrated some most innovative steps of the season.

The season proved there's no easy games in V.129.

18 Mar 07: Changes in sponsors

We're sorry that two long time sponsorship agreements have not been reneved.

Metsänkulma has run into financial issues and in part of it's cut-offs also decised to cancel sponsor agreement. However this doesn't affect to the name of the team as Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot have become a brand of it's own.

Vesilahti Town also has decised to cancel the agreement. However the town presentatives are very pleased that Vesilahti is today well known location. According to the latest surveys 76% of Pirkanmaa located Hattrick fans knows that Vesilahti is Pallo-Peikot's home town.

But there's also good sponsor news. A new sponsor agreement with GameTime has been announced today. We kindly ask you to visit their great website and make yourself familiar on their innovative services.

18 Mar 07: Start of the Season 32

"Last season we have proven that Pallo-Peikot has plenty of skills and big heart. But we know fifty percent of this game is half mental. The hardest thing to govern is our heart. We know we don't get last season points with us, but still we might think that 90% concentration is enough. But 90% concentration is 50% effort. To qualify on season 32 we need 110% performance."

Above is the quote from manager Jani-Hur's speech in traditional O'Connell's end of the season party. In the same happening we were able to have a small chat with Jani-Hur were he outlined next season.

His message was that in the forthcoming season Peikot can't surprise anyone, but the team is clearly one of the favorites.

Jani-Hur's notes about the opponents:

fc svi – There's something wrong with team's organisation and I won't wonder if the team will give up at some point.

Niko's JK – Sir Nuke has boldly announced that NJK will run for the title this season. And that's very possible ! Definitely top-3 team.

Manuted – Last season the team's profile and balance was very similar to Peikot, but still there was a clear difference in performance.

myllypuron pallokarhu – Again very well balanced team, but a bit colorless.

FC Filmarit – Manager iskender has set Filmarit's target to positions 5-6. I agree the target setting.

FC Saksala – Clean sheet last season, top budget, top strikers, admirable midfield. Ferocious opponent ! All looks good, but team's mental dicipline hasn't been tested. My personal favorite for the title.

Tarsenal – Qualified on last minute, sparse material, small budget, attack-oriented. They'll have hard times to qualify.