Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

10 Sep: Triumph season turned to last minute misadventure

Peikot recorded all time worst two matches sequence with humiliating 5-0 and 4-0 losses.

Peikko-fans are puzzled, amazed and irritated. They were ready to celebrate the qualification, but after Peikot major underperformance many loyal trolls have burned their season tickets. The atmosphere in the traditional end of the season party at O'Connell's was degraded and iced.

15 Jul: Mid season manifesto

The first half of the season has turned out to be very successfull. The weather has been great, the sponsor sales have been sky-high and Outcold and Kupittaa are going to release new record soon. Pallo-Peikot fans have enjoyed the most effective Vesilahti Hattrick football ever. Peikot has hammered 25 goal and the opponents have scored only four times in the first seven league match !

So the league table is very different than predicted in the early season. Pallo-Peikot has dominated the season so far with 6 wins and 1 draw and might remain unchallenged also on the second half. Only Ristikivi United has been able to challenge Peikot – Per Flinck scored the winning goal from penalty only 6 minutes before full time. The only draw with AC Nõnmõ was when the team was focused to the cup.

The tactical change to three inner midfielder for this season has proved to be correct.

So it's time to enjoy the soccer super summer. Next Metsis home game on tomorrow 16th July at Narva Sports Field. See you there !

28 May: Back to 6th Division

After three quite unsuccesfull seasons in V.240, Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot has returned again to 6th division.

Our targets for next few seasons are to stop relegation, stabilize team's economy and build for succesfull return to 5th division.

Obviously Pallo-Peikot should be one of the top teams in VI.101, but the popular attack focused tactics have been poisonous to us. So we'll expect many many losses also this season. This is true even our material could be considered superior – the game is played in pitch not on paper.

It's proper to introduce few key trolls to our brand new opponents:

Henk Pleijers is our Belgian goalkeeper. His magnificent blocks have saved Peikot numerous times in the past. He has been voted for Pallo-Peiko MVP for 4 seasons in row and he has been nominated to the best goalkeeper of V.240 of seasons 23-25.

Sauli Santala is Metsis' Mr. central defence. He dominates our central defence outstandingly.

Didzis Klauss (Latvia), Héctor Moreno (Argentina) and Gigi Rusu (Romania) forms our excellent international wing back trio.

Erik Tiusanen and Antti Määttä are our home town boys. Erik has had two serious injuries last season. Without them he would be formidable. In addition of his excellent contribution to our defence Antti has also score few winning goals.

Igor Mitrovic and Björn Olsson (no relationship to our coutch Leif Olsson) brings in a loads of experience in addition of their solid winger, playmaking and passing skills.

Hermanni Kupari is our beloved long time captain and the heart of the midfield. He is the last member of the original squad that joined Hattrick league at season 21 having regular position in our non-reserve team.

Others teams that will figth the top positions with us this season are Bonanzai, the VI.101 veteran, and newcomer FC Matinkylä.

Other Metsänkulma favorite teams are Ristikivi United, Naarajärven Pallokerho and Urpukujan Erikoinen (not in any particular order).

I'm afraid AC Nõnmõ and touhottajat will relegate in the end of season. Especially touhottajat should consider to return to the amateur league – the team is just a band of Sunday players.

League table forecast for season 26.
Pos Team Start Region Transfers
1. Bonanzai 22.06.2003 Pohjois-Savo 29
2. FC Matinkylä 10.09.2004 Espoo 69
3. Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot 11.12.2003 Pirkanmaa 50
4. Ristikivi United 19.07.2004 Jyväskylä 18
5. Naarajärven Pallokerho 20.01.2005 Etelä-Savo 27
6. Urpukujan Erikoinen 06.06.2004 Pohjois-Savo 23
7. AC Nõnmõ 18.10.2004 Vantaa 25
8. touhottajat 07.03.2005 Kymenlaakso 0