Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

Pallo-Peikot Logo Contest

Pallo-Peikot Logo Contest is an open-ended contest where new genuine Pallo-Peikot logos are searched.

The works are accepted in electronic format all the time and all entries will be presented in FC Metsänkulma web site: The winners will receive products from the FC Metsänkulma sponsors.

In the end of the this page you will find all entries. You can also have a look to the top-left corner where you see the current official FC Metsänkulma logo.

Below is the suggestive description what the logo could look like. Please note the description is only suggestive and the contestants are encouraged to use their own artistic imagination.

The main character in the logo is big troll with big club on his shoulder. One of his feet is on top of football and he's smoking a cigar. He is wearing FC Metsänkulma team shirt where in the chest is O'Connell's logo. The troll is big and strong, and looks bad and mad.

Pallo-Peikot Logo Gallery

Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot logo by Hippy McCarthy

The first official FC Metsänkulma logo by Tampere living Irisman.

Title: Hippy Troll

Artist: Hippy McCarthy

Year: 2004

Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot logo by aniskan

Non-winning entry of Pallo-Peikot logo contest.

Artist: aniskan (257030)

Year: 2005

Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot logo by tuuna

Non-winning entry of Pallo-Peikot logo contest.

Artist: tuuna (257655)

Year: 2005