Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

2 Nov 07: Pirkanmaa champion !

Peikot has won Pirkkacup and will present Pirkanmaa region next season in Aluemestareiden Cup (AMC). AMC is the most notable friendly cup in Finland.

30 Oct 07: Coach's notes revealed

An astute Peikko-fan send us the following partial notes he found recently from O'Connell's trashbin. He believes these are the genuine parts of Peikko coach Hermanni Kupari's season 33 gamebook that was disposed at the end of the season. But please remember we can't say that for sure.

Team 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
Niko's JK H 6½ 78 A 6¾ 81 A 4¾ 57 H 8¾ 105 A 7¼ 87 H 6¾ 81 A 7¼ 87 H 7½ 90
FC Saksala A 7¼ 87 H 5¾ 69 A 6¾ 81 H 8¾ 105 A 6¼ 75 H 6- 72 A 6¼ 75 H 6¾ 81
Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot H 5½ 66 A 5- 60 H 6¼ 75 A 4¾ 60 H 7¼ 87 H 5½ 66 A 2¾ 33 H 5½ 66
Manuted A 5¾ 69 H 7½ 90 A 5¾ 69 A 5¾ 69 H 6½ 78 A 5½ 66 H 6½ 78 A 5¼ 63
myllypuron pallo-karhut H 9¼ 111 A 5¼ 63 H 8½ 102 A 7¼ 87 H 7- 84 A 5- 60 H 4¾ 57 A 4¾ 57
Tarsenal A 6¼ 75 H 8¼ 99 H 9- 108 A 6- 72 H 5¾ 69 A 5¼ 63 H 3¾ 45 A 3½ 42
BlackCat Borough AFC H 7¼ 87 A 4¼ 51 H 5½ 66 H 6¾ 81 A 5½ 66 H 5¼ 63 A 5¼ 63 H 7- 84
FC Kirppu A 5½ 66 H 5¾ 69 A 5- 60 H 8½ 102 A 6½ 78 A 5- 60 H 7¼ 87 A 5½ 66
Factor 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
Team spirit content (6) satisfied (7) composed (4) composed (4) calm (5) content (6) calm (5) calm (5)
Attitude Normal Play it cool Normal Play it cool Play it cool Normal Normal Normal
Other IM sent off 37 min 2 IM CA
Selwyn van de Weijer passable inadequate weak inadequate inadequate inadequate inadequate inadequate
Antero Naskali passable passable passable passable solid solid solid solid
Jaakko Gök solid passable passable passable passable solid solid solid
Jesper Huvinen solid passable inadequate inadequate inadequate passable inadequate inadequate

League Round 7. Tarsenal Away


Tarsenal manager timosu announced on Tuesday that Tarsenal prepares to relegation. He sold several key players to adjust salaries, so I don't think he fakes. Later timosu assured the team is still higly motivated. I'll doubt that. Tarsu's attack and midfield ratings will go down. This is a great opportunity for Peikot to play cool twice in a row. We probably loose the midfield in this game with 3 inners, but the defence should be superior and attack at least equal to Tarsu. Tarsu's midfield will be relative low, so we don't need to put much effort there.We have the initiative today, we can focus on our strengths.

Matias recovered from the injury on last minute to make the line-up, so we can consider two stiker formations. Samuli has so weak form that 343 is out of question. I think today is for 442 PIC CA with two offensive wingers, simply because it's just cool.

Postgame (result: 0 - 3)

It was as easy game as a game can be. We lost midfield as planned and suprised Tarsenal as they also counter attacked. Our defence was superior and attack was good enough for three points.

League Round 8. Tarsenal Home


Tarsu had no chances at home game, so they'll have less changes away. No-brainer 352 PIC.

Postgame (result: 3 - 0)

Not a game to remember. We got the points and that's it.

League Round 9. myllypuron pallokarhut Away


pallokarhut seems to an another team that has given up this season. Or do they just play cool against top teams and focus to the important matches against BlackCat, Kirppu and Manuted ? If so - is Peikot ranked as top team by uffeac ? Recently pallokarhut has played very creatively and even abandoned 352 ! But still left winger always supports midfield. Let's piggyback that again.

Anyway this has been catastrophic season for pallokarhut - top salaries and position 7. In the long run they are going down fast.

All playmakers and wingers in good fit, so we focus on midfield. 352 NORMAL with two offensive wingers and one defensive striker.

Postgame (result: 1 - 5)

We dominated the game and scoresheet.

League Round 10. Niko's JK Away


We have problems with strikers' health and form, so we have to abandom central attack. NJK will dominate midfield and will have two very strong attack sectors. We don't speculate which sector they'll abandom so we take four equally distributed defencemen. All time NJK - Metsänkulma statistics says that most probable result is away victory by one goal. 451 NORMAL, play creatively and hope the best.

Postgame (result: 3 - 4)

NJK's bad luck (or bad risk estimation), goalie injured - no decent replacement, gave us the points we didn't expect or earned. This season points 4 to 1 for us. That balances a bit the bitter Cup defeat.

League Round 11. BlackCat Borough AFC Home


History shows that BlackCat usually invests in left or right attack only. This gives us plenty of options to set the defence line. Especially we can discard central defence what we usually never do.

BlackCat's defence is tough. Too bad Samuli is in weak form, so 3 strikers and 343 AIM is out of question. 352 with an offensive winger and a winger towards middle.

Postgame (result: 4 - 4)

What the !#¤%&/() ?

27 Oct 07: Yet another season is over

"And that's all folks !" stated manager Jani-Hur in traditional end of season party in O'Connell's. And then he continued with more shocking news: "I have come to the conclusion it's a time to step aside."

However Jani-Hur won't abandon the team but he will just concentrate more on sponsor relationships and leave the everyday manager tasks to Hermanni Kupari, who has been nominated to vice-manager. Jani-Hur will also still continue as the team presentative in Hattrick Club Owners' Federation (COF). In this role his single most important task is to guarantee that Pallo-Peikot remains eligible Hattrick team.

This new back office setup is mainly because the new regulations announced by Hattrick Football Association (HFA) in the end of season 33. Jani-Hur has also announced that after 13 seasons in stressing manager position he would like to focus also to something else.

All this will cause significant changes in team's strategy:

Because manager Jani-Hur is no more available for comments we didn't get his summary of season 33, but here's some fan comments from end of the season party:

27 Oct 07: GameTime's over

No more GameTime. Again one Pallo-Peikot sponsor has quit the business.