Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

9 Apr: End of the humiliation

Unfortunately we haven't been able to contact Manager Jani-Hur for the traditional end-of-the-season review, because of his long sick leave. His leave also explains why the website hasn't been updated as regular as usual.

Season 28 saw short and unfortunate visit to 5th division. It was obvious before the first kick-off that Metsis' midfield will lack behind every others', but the outcome of the season, only one win, was shocking.

There was lot of speculation if Metsis' will reinforce the midfield, it was not economical issue, but Jani-Hur made no moves on the transfer market until in the beginning of season 29. At that time many long standing experinced Metsis players were moving on and rumours started. Observers have noticed that Metsis has recently sold many players with divine set pieces skill and no new players have been recruited. This might indicate that Metsis' training program is going to change. So far Metsis has been training goalkeepers (e.g. Henk Pleijers), defenders (e.g. Sauli Santala and Leo Tarkki) and set pieces (too many to name here).

26 Dec: 28 – a season ahead

New groups for season 28 were announced two days ago and Metsis will play in V.212. Today we met Pallo-Peikot manager Jani-Hur in Metsis' Metsänkulma office and he shared with us his first impressions about the other teams and Pallo-Peikot current news.

But first how would you comment last two seasons in 6th division ?

Jani-Hur: "When we look back our two seasons in VI.101 the statistics are simply great – 28 games, 24 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. But don't let the numbers fool you – our opponents have been very lightweight and our superior material made the job simple for us. From now on the game will be very different."

So you'll claim to be underdog this season ?

Jani-Hur: "Yes indeed. If we take a look to the other teams in the group that's the only reasonable conclusion. Again our midfield lacks behind everyone else so that in every match our defencemen and strikers have to perform 120% if we'd like to bring the points home. And still there will be teams that most probably will overrun us whatever we'll do."

"There's few issues that got my attention. First is the popularity of 3-4-3. Based on the recent lineups only us, Los Lexos and Wasa Red Star use other formations. This is one of the key factors we have to consider."

"Second Wasa Red Star has astonishing history since season 13, so this will be their 16th season ! Unfortunately their days of glory seems very much over. But they are still one of the top teams here."

"Third Vihaiset Leijonat FC is a member of 'Newcastle United - The Magpies'-federation. For that they will get my sympathy."

Henk and Sauli will be under pressure this season again ?

Jani-Hur: "Sure. We have to count on that they will block the middle. Of course the new rules will cause some adjustements, but only time will show us what will be the net effect."

"Congratulations to Henk for the nomination ! I haven't seen him after the gala."

How about reinforcements ? Especially to the midfield ?

Jani-Hur: "Not this season. Our training program is in that phase that we'll reshuffle our lineup but in the beginning of next season."

There has been a lot of critisism to Metsis training program. How do you comment ?

Jani-Hur: "Training is always a compromise betweeen team economy and results in the pitch. One can always argue all possible training programs. But yes, I agree the training in the past hasn't been fully optimised, but then on the other hand we've had many own town boys playing in the team still recently. That's the value the critics always ignore. But today I'm happy to announce that in the beginning of next season we'll have finally major change in the training to enhance the midfield that has always been the performance bottleneck."

And what will be our goal this season ?

Jani-Hur: "To qualify."

Thank you Jani-Hur.

Jani-Hur: "You're welcome. See you at O'Connell's."

League table forecast for season 28.
Pos Team Start Region Transfers Profit
1. Vihaiset Leijonat FC 01.12.2003 Uusimaa 120 -0.3M€
2. FC Vaihtopenkki 10.11.2002 Espoo 138 -2.4M€
3. Wasa Red Star 30.01.2001 Österbotten 131 -5.5M€
4. Raivo-Majavat 19.11.2003 Pirkanmaa 118 -1.9M€
5. Erämaan kempit 26.07.2004 Lappi 114 1.4M€
6. Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot 11.12.2003 Pirkanmaa 86 -2.1M€
7. AC Rektum 06.10.2004 Kymenlaakso 41 -1.0M€
8. Los Lexos 27.12.2004 Turku 121 0.2M€