Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot

17 Dec: End of the season party

The traditional Metsis' end of the season party will be on 31st Dec at O'Connell's. This time the party is also the celebration of new year.

5 Dec: Two years in Hattrick !

Jani-Hur celebrates his first two years as the manager of Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot on 11th December. FC Metsänkulma's office if open for compliments from 12 to 13.

25 Oct: Greetings from season 24 rivals

After a while FC Metsänkulma fan club decided to take a look what is the current state of premium teams of season 24's Suomi V.240, when Metsis reached it's highest ranking so far.

Current ranking of the teams in season 27 after 7/14 round:

League  Po Team                      Pl Goals       Points
======= == ========================= == =========== ======
III.4   5. Myllypuron Pallo          7 	11-13 (-2)  10
 IV.20  1. Sm Flash                  7 	15-17 (-2)  15
  V.240 1. FC kissanpennut           7 	23-7  (+16) 21
 VI.101 1. Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot 7 	12-1  (+11) 21

The results are simply amazing. Myllypuron Pallo's succees story of five consecutive wins (seasons 22-26) is over, but not before the team had gone up to division III. And all the signs tells us this is only a tamporary fallback.

Sm Flash has suprised everyone this season and holds position #1 in division IV group with negative goal difference.

fc kissanpennut dominates V.240 and is soon ready for division IV.

In the opposite of others teams Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot, the runner up of season 24, has relegated to division VI where the spin was only stopped by the incompetent competition.

The managers of these teams are members of Pallo-Peikot Hall of Fame and they all kindly promised an interview.

Myllypuron Pallo manager pepe007:

"I'm satisfied on my current situation in Div III, but I'm still changing training program, because I believe I can get into Mestaruussarja faster that way.

My short term goal is to get a very efficient training program running and stabilize team after that. Long term goal is to win Cup and Mestaruussarja some day. I may be interested in coaching U-20 National Team, but that is far away in the future, if it ever happens. Right now my main focus is on my own team and learning more about the game.

I think I should be able to compete well in Mestaruussarja in 5-6 seasons, if not faster. Climbing series may add some time, especially when training program might mean temporarily drop in team strength.

The most memorable moment so far was winning Div IV for the first time, because I expected only to survive with relatively weak team.

Good luck for Metsis and Jani-hur in the future and thanks for the questions.

Sm Flash manager Selmo:

"At the moment Sm Flash is flying high. We have temporarily achieved first place in one of the most difficult IV.division in Suomi. Still I think our glory will fade soon after few matchies. We will be more than happy if we remain in top 4 when the season is over, but so many times we have been clear underdog and made our way to the win.

In future we will try to stay in IV.20 for couple of seasons and develop our team in selected way. After few season we will try to promote to III.div. and after that the sky is a limit or should I say Mestaruussarja is the limit.

I'm still follow what's happening in my old divs and of course where's my dear old competitors are going. I hope all the best to my old and current competitors, may my success inspire you !"

fc kissanpennut manager jeze43:

jeze43 English translation by Jani-Hur

"Olen erittäin tyytyväinen tän hetkiseen tilaani. On upeata että tavoitin sarjajohdon, johon en uskonut kauden alussa! Paremmin ei voisi mennä!

"I'm very pleased to the current state of the affairs. It's absolutely fabulous to be the number one in this group. I couldn't believe this in the beginning of the season. I don't know how things could be better !

Tämän kauden tavoitteena on nousu neloseen, jossa tulee olemaan kovat ajat, mutta tämän takai siirtomarkkinoilla tullaan viettämään paljon aikaa, sillä joukkue on harkinnut kovan veskan ostamista.

This season goal is to qualify to division IV - period. When we're there it will be tough, I'm sure, but we'll prepare for qualification with some reinforcements. Especially we'll consider world class goalkeeper.

Tavoitteena olisi pysyä muutama kausi nelosessa, jonka jälkeen noustaisiin kolmoseen. Tämä vaatisi kovaa työtä, mutta toivottavasti se tullaan saavuttamaan sillä joukkue olisi valmis tähän työhön !

After qualification we'll of course set our target to division III. That will require several seasons of hard work from the team, but I have committed team here !

Tähän mennessä ikimuistoisin hetkeni on karsintamatsi, jonka voitettuani nousin. Ottelua oli erittäin jännittävä seurata ja luulen etten tule koskaan ht-urani aikana unohtamaan ensimmäistä nousuani."

My most memorable moment as a Hattrick manager is the team's first qualification match. The game was extremely exciting and margings were minimal. I'm sure I never have had so much adrenaline. We won that game by the way."

Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot manager Jani-Hur:

"Our short term goal is to qualify as soon as possible, but not sooner, to 5th division and to stay there for a while. This is true even the team could be underpowered for many of the 5th division groups. Mainly this is because of our suboptimal training (goalkeeping, defence, set pieces) and lack of playmaking power.

It's just great that we have so many own town boys in the team. It is also one of our long term goals to give the local lads a chance to show.

In long run we don't have more ambitious goals from success point of view. If we will survive there it's already great for a team from such a small town as Vesilahti."

13 Sep: Nightmare continues

Peikot nightmare continued in Fc Hammer Arena where the home team Fc .:Hammer:. kicked Peikot out of the Cup already in first round.

In last three consecutive competetion games Peikot has recorded three losses with zero goals for and ten goals against. This is a devastating goal difference for defensive oriented team.

Back-fence talks have already sacked Peikko-coach Leif Olsson.

The league is investigating if there is illegal affairs related especially to betting in the last two Peikko matches. According to several betting agencies (e.g. no extraordinary betting took place. It is also confirmed that team's cash 4.4M€ are still in register. According to the main sponsors this investigation doesn't affect the sponsor agreements as long as there is no evidence.

10 Sep: New start

Pallo-Peikot has announced manager Jani-Hur's leave of absence and we couldn't contact him for traditional end of the season interview.

However it's clear that after the last season's stunning succes Pallo-Peikot is the only winning candidate in the group this season. After Peikot there is a fierce battle between Naarajärven Pallokerho, Bonanzai and Ristikivi United. FC Matinkylä might also have a word or a two to say.

From the qualified teams Kyröskosken Pärske most probably qualifies in 6th division and AC Nõnmõ will join to korkin torpedo in relegation.

Brief market analysis among the teams shows that all other teams except Pallo-Peikot is lagging a properly executed training plan.

League table forecast for season 27.
Pos Team Start Region Transfers Profit
1. Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot 11.12.2003 Pirkanmaa 65 2.3M€
2. Bonanzai 22.06.2003 Pohjois-Savo 35 41.5k€
3. Naarajärven Pallokerho 20.01.2005 Etelä-Savo 31 -215k€
4. Ristikivi United 19.07.2004 Jyväskylä 21 -759k€
5. FC Matinkylä 10.09.2004 Espoo 72 69k€
6. Kyröskosken Pärske 28.11.2004 Tampere 29 -794k€
7. AC Nõnmõ 18.10.2004 Vantaa 30 -485k€
8. korkin torpedo 29.01.2005 Uusimaa 26 65k€